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(no subject) [May. 30th, 2006|05:35 pm]
I am staying in Tallahassee.

I am no longer a BFA.

Lost a letter in my degree to graduate early. I have somewhere between 19 and 23 credits left to take. I will be taking classes Spring/Summer of 2007. I will only be enrolled in Forum this semester.

He needs to wait a year. He has to. I don't know what I'll do if he doesn't.
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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2006|06:50 pm]
I just thought I'd let everyone know that on Tuesday (tomorrow) I will find out if I am going to continue living in Tallahassee. If not, I will be moving to California most likely in the next few months.

Just in case anyone was curious.

My life is at a standstill, and this is the only way I see it getting better.

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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2006|06:30 pm]
Last Person Who...

.x. Slept in your bed - Travis
.x. Saw you cry - Travis
.x. Made you cry - Travis
.x. Spent the night at your house - Travis
.x. You shared a drink with – Travis
.x. You went to the movies with - Stephen
.x. You went to the mall with - Rita
.x. Yelled at you - David
.x. Sent you an email – my aunt Heide

Have Your Ever...

.x. Said "I love you" and meant it? - Yes
.x. Been to New York? – Of course
.x. Been to Florida? - …I live in Florida
.x. California? – Many times…and I’ll be back again soon.
.x. Hawaii? – Unfortunately, no.
.x. Mexico? – Yep, several times.
.x. China? – Haha no.
.x. Canada? - Nope
.x. Danced naked – Nope.
.x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happens the next day? – Not necessarily crazy, just not very feasible.
.x. Stalked someone? – YES. I’m creepy like that.

Pick One...

.x. Apples or bananas? – Apples.
.x. Red or blue? – Red.
.x. Walmart or Kmart? – Walmart.
.x. Math or English? – English.
.x. radio or CD? – XM Radio.
.x. drawing or painting? – Doodling.
.x. High school or college? – College..

The Last "Few" Questions...

.x. Last time you went out of the state – Out of Florida? Christmastime.
.x. Lucky number – Eh.
.x. Things you like in a girl/guy – They have to be sweet, and attentive, and loving and blue eyes never hurt.
.x. Weirdest thing about you? – I love to be alone.
.x. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? – Yes I do.
.x. What do you think of ouija boards? – Lame.
.x. What book are you reading now? – “On Love and Loneliness” by some crazy Indian philosopher//guru dude.
.x. What's on your mouse pad? – I don’t have a mousepad..
.x. Favorite board game? - Eh. Life?
.x. Favorite magazine? – Elle or Lucky.
.x. Favorite sound? – The sounds of someone sleeping beside you.
.x. Worst feeling in the world? – Unknowing..
.x. What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? – WORK.
.x. Do you like scary or exciting rollercoasters – I love rollercoasters!
.x. How many rings before you answer? – Usually by the second chorus of “Love in an Elevator” haha
.x. Future daughter's name? - Whatever goes with the last name of the man I marry.
.x. Future son's name? – Ditto.
.x. Chocolate or vanilla? – Vanilla.
.x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? – No.
.x. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? – Honestly, a housewife.
.x. What are you going to do after you finish this survey? – Shower.
.x. What was the last food you ate? – Chicken & potatoes at the Suwannee Room.
.x. Are you bored? – No, my mind is fairly occupied with other things.
.x. How many buddies are on? – I’m not online.
.x. Last movie you saw? – Les Miserables…with myself.
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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2006|03:40 pm]
[music |Jason Mraz - Mr. Curiosity]

Hey Mr. Curiosity
Is it true what they've been saying about you
Are you killing me
You took care of the cat already
And for those who think it's heavy
Is it the truth?
Or is it only gossip?
Call it mystery or anything
Just as long as you call me
I sent the message on did you get it when I left it?
See this catastrophic event
It wasn't meant to mean no harm
But to think there's nothing wrong is a problem

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
This love is a mystery
Mr. Curious...
Come back to me

Mr. waiting ever patient can't you see
That I'm the same the way you left me
In a hurry to spell check me
And I'm underlined already in envy green
And pencil red
And I've forgotten what you've said
Will you stop working for the dead and return?
Mr. curious well I need some inspiration
It's my birthday and I cannot find no cause for celebration
The scenario is grave but I'll be braver when you save me
From this situation laden with hearsay

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
And love is a mystery
Mr. Curiosity
Be Mr. Please
Do come and find me

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
Trying not to ask why
Cause love is a mystery
Mr. curiosity
Be Mr. please
Do come and find me

Love is blinding when your timing's never right
Oh who am I to beg for difference
Finding love in just an instant
But I don't mind
Oh love at least I tried, well I tried, I tried...
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(no subject) [May. 13th, 2006|10:33 pm]

life has changed a lot since december.

in fact, i've kind of decided a future for myself. is that scary?

it's only scary because i have no clue if it will work or not. i have no clue if i'm going to be able to make the next year and a half work for me, for us.

i'm a junior now. it's alright except this summer i am alone in tallahassee. sure, there are some people here. sure, i can hang out with them.

there's one in particular i cannot see until july.

i know i haven't been successful with relationships in the past. but this i think could possibly last.

could this turn out to be the one?
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